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ft pioneers
Created: 2011/12/31, Last activity: 2014/03/03, Members: 29, Photos: 0, Messages: 211

A place for everyone who was part of the original FreeTrainers community to keep in touch and stay connected.

Joining the military
Created: 2012/09/22, Last activity: 2020/02/12, Members: 27, Photos: 0, Messages: 14

Getting in shape for basic training, or staying in shape while in the military

Do's and Do Nots!
Created: 2012/09/26, Last activity: 2018/05/28, Members: 23, Photos: 0, Messages: 3

Purpose of this particular group is for it to be an open forum for anyone to ask anything in regards to working out, nutrition, and general self we...

welcome to 757
Created: 2012/03/18, Last activity: 2016/01/13, Members: 23, Photos: 0, Messages: 9

As hard as the situation may seem, difficult as you may realize, never stop believing in yourself for you were born to succeed

Tsang Gang
Created: 2019/10/10, Last activity: 2019/10/20, Members: 22, Photos: 0, Messages: 3

Tsang's Grade 11 Fitness Class PAF3O1 The purpose of this group is to hold everyone accountable of their progress and work. Students will need t...

Team Teens Lose 50lbs
Created: 2012/03/04, Last activity: 2020/05/08, Members: 22, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

This team is about losing weight (obviously) and specifically for people who want to lose 20-50lbs of fat in about 10 months... and this is for tee...

Sexy Mommas
Created: 2014/03/03, Last activity: 2017/09/22, Members: 20, Photos: 0, Messages: 6

Busy mothers who don't or can't find the time to eat right or exercise. The purpose of this group is to motivate one mother to the next.

Rest & Recovery
Created: 2012/01/22, Last activity: 2019/10/20, Members: 19, Photos: 1, Messages: 35

Just as important as your workout and nutrition plan - but so easily overlooked.

weight loss rollercoaster
Created: 2012/04/10, Last activity: 2013/01/04, Members: 19, Photos: 0, Messages: 9

This group is for people that have struggled with weight loss. I personally have lost over 100lbs only to gain most of it back and am now back on t...

Created: 2012/01/07, Last activity: 2012/12/22, Members: 19, Photos: 0, Messages: 46

due to lack of interest

Building Mass
Created: 2012/06/09, Last activity: 2019/04/05, Members: 17, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

I have one goal and one goal only right now and thats to build mass I have done plenty of research listened to plenty of experts, and I got the sam...

Kettlebells and Bodyweight
Created: 2012/01/04, Last activity: 2017/06/15, Members: 16, Photos: 0, Messages: 36

A group to focus on the use of kettlebells and bodyweight movements.

Grow Taller Group
Created: 2012/04/17, Last activity: 2017/05/22, Members: 15, Photos: 0, Messages: 4

I'm verily glad you've found this; I understand your position, and interest in growing taller. My name is Christopher, I'm a kind benevolent indiv...

College Students Trying To Lose Weight
Created: 2012/09/21, Last activity: 2019/01/22, Members: 14, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

College is when most of us gain the most weight. The freshman 15. Because of a lack of funds/time/resources we often eat junkfood while studying at...

Beach Body
Created: 2015/01/04, Last activity: 2018/05/16, Members: 13, Photos: 0, Messages: 3

Start now to get the body you want for summer.

Created: 2012/01/24, Last activity: 2016/01/30, Members: 13, Photos: 0, Messages: 2

Any foods you just shouldn't eat? Or certain ones you should eat more of?

Kelso/Longview Special Olympics Fitness Challen...
Created: 2017/10/12, Last activity: 2017/11/29, Members: 12, Photos: 0, Messages: 16

A group empowered to maintain a higher standard for fitness. The purpose is to get in shape and stay in shape.

Beginner Questions
Created: 2013/12/30, Last activity: 2020/10/25, Members: 12, Photos: 0, Messages: 2

Beginners ask questions when they are confused!

Skinny II BUFF
Created: 2012/06/09, Last activity: 2020/11/17, Members: 12, Photos: 0, Messages: 4

This is a group for all the little Guys out there who have or will hit the gym until they have the physique they always wanted

Women with PCOS
Created: 2013/09/14, Last activity: 2019/01/28, Members: 10, Photos: 0, Messages: 4

This is a group for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and/or ovarian cysts. It's hard enough to lose weight but then adding the hormonal imb...

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