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Tsang Gang
Created: 2019/10/10, Last activity: 2019/10/16, Members: 18, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

Tsang's Grade 11 Fitness Class PAF3O1 The purpose of this group is to hold everyone accountable of their progress and work. Students will need t...

Feature group - 2018 Motivation Challenge
Created: 2016/01/10, Last activity: 2019/10/14, Members: 752, Photos: 0, Messages: 253

Stay motivated! Have you made a new years resolution to start a new workout program? Are you still waiting to start it? Have you already started...

Workout Routines
Created: 2012/06/19, Last activity: 2019/10/13, Members: 128, Photos: 0, Messages: 12

A place to list a workout routine that you use or that works for you.

The Best Body Workouts
Created: 2013/07/28, Last activity: 2019/10/12, Members: 118, Photos: 0, Messages: 17

This group is for anyone looking for workouts. Feel free to share your workouts.

Find a partner
Created: 2012/08/03, Last activity: 2019/10/03, Members: 218, Photos: 0, Messages: 121

This group aims to link people together to support each other and give motivation. Finding a partner to support you weather it is over email or gy...

motivating ladies
Created: 2012/04/06, Last activity: 2019/10/02, Members: 359, Photos: 2, Messages: 147

a group for ladies any age who want to motivate each other and give advice or just talk and keep track of one another

Free Personal Trainer
Created: 2013/03/13, Last activity: 2019/09/20, Members: 44, Photos: 0, Messages: 11

Hi I'm an 18 year old male looking for a trainer willing to help someone out of personal satisfaction. Personally I have no means of payment. But i...

The Motivational Billboard
Created: 2012/11/02, Last activity: 2019/09/15, Members: 38, Photos: 0, Messages: 49

Forming good habits is the key to success but motivation is what get's you started. Come grab your daily dose to help fuel your workouts and kee...

Slim thick? How to get there?
Created: 2014/03/21, Last activity: 2019/09/05, Members: 59, Photos: 0, Messages: 11

How to lose belly fat, be healthy, and still have enough curves to give a man whiplash!

Run with Us * Cali girls
Created: 2019/08/28, Last activity: 2019/08/28, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

Running, jogging, walking fitness.

motivation and support!
Created: 2019/03/20, Last activity: 2019/08/28, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

hey guys! i'm new here and i'm ready to make some life changes! if anyone wants to talk, share their story, or try to gain some motivation, lets do...

Vegetarians & Vegans
Created: 2012/03/23, Last activity: 2019/08/26, Members: 74, Photos: 0, Messages: 11

This is a group for those of us that are vegetarians or vegans to share training advice, recipes, supplement information etc. The reason why we are...

Kid-Teen Help
Created: 2012/06/25, Last activity: 2019/08/25, Members: 65, Photos: 2, Messages: 10

Since teens and lately even elementary kids are looking for ways to escape the bullying of how much they weigh or what they look like by dieting or...

Eat Your Heart Out
Created: 2012/01/09, Last activity: 2019/07/29, Members: 46, Photos: 0, Messages: 14

This group is for all the women & men whose been shunned because of weight loss issues. Maybe your ex put you down because of your weight issues, c...

30 and Beyond
Created: 2012/04/13, Last activity: 2019/07/05, Members: 44, Photos: 0, Messages: 3

This group is for everyone in their 30's that are needing motivation and advise.

Created: 2012/07/15, Last activity: 2019/07/05, Members: 44, Photos: 0, Messages: 4

This group is for those you want to exercise more and eat healthier - and want some help along the way! Post your favorite recipes, or tips/quotes ...

Stay fit
Created: 2019/07/03, Last activity: 2019/07/03, Members: 1, Photos: 0, Messages: 0

People who are over weight

General Mental Health & Well-being
Created: 2011/12/31, Last activity: 2019/06/22, Members: 67, Photos: 0, Messages: 15

Reaching optimal overall health is an ideal most should strive to attain for a healthy life. There are many mental barriers and obstacles that one ...

Created: 2012/04/17, Last activity: 2019/06/22, Members: 138, Photos: 0, Messages: 19

All of the men and women trying to get the perfect core.

1 month challenge to healthy and fit
Created: 2017/07/19, Last activity: 2019/06/07, Members: 2, Photos: 0, Messages: 1

This group is for anyone willing to do a one month challenge and work hard in and outside of the gym to get in the best shape they can be. Upload ...

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