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1st DAY!!!!

Posted on: 2019/02/27, 07:38 AM by: drj4ft
`But now I'm not sure who I am. I use this word “I” and I don't know what it means. I don't know where it begins and ends. I don't even know what it's made of.' 

The End of Mr. Y (Thomas, 2007: 278).

Hello. my name is Daniel, I've been a sedentary guy and a big bookworm, I haven't done ANY exercise since I splited up with my couple (3 years ago) I gained almost 45 pounds / 20ish Kg since then, also I've been smoking between 5-10 cigarretes every day, beign drunk almost every weekend, because of that, I started to see that I'm not appealing as when I was younger (last week I turned 25 Y/o!).

Also I just finished a bachelor degree in clinical psychology, that's another factor to notice that I've been using archaic defense mechanisms to avoid and see that my "Self" structures (understanding "self" as the identity and psychodynamical structure which help us to have a self concept and self determination) were crumbling, thus, I've been developing some depression symptoms and anxiety in some situations.

Since then I've noticed that there are plenty of self image issues that I've been dealing with in the last year, so that's why the last week I decided to get back to a workout plan.... because beign in front of a computer just worsen up my self image and I've been avoiding to do something about that for a long time.

I know that it's not the best way to deal with, but I gotta start from somewhere! maybe everyone you that are reading this need to start from a point 0, not only doing exercise, maybe going to a physician or to a psychologist.

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Height: 176
Weight: 83 kg
Neck 40 cm
Shoulder: 38cm
Arm: 31 cm
Forearm: 25 cm
Chest: 104 cm
Hypochondrium: 92cm
Belly: 116 cm
Butt: 104 cm
Hams: -Upper 60 cm
           - Lower 44cm
Calfs: 37 cm