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Why I started working out

Posted on: 2012/02/08, 01:55 PM by: MAP2010

I had been feeling very weakso weak I was going to the doctor all the time, I was feeling like I could fall over and die.
I'm not 100% better and most likely never will be but I feel better then I did, But what get me into working out is one day my little brother wanted to buy a protein drink and before that I was drink "V C1000MG" for boost almost every day just so I would not feel sick. Well It was not doing the job so I got a protein drink and I started feeling really good, after time I needed it everyday because it was really working but it was $3.50 each. I started buying larger contaiers of protein. Then I started but Creatine and Complex Carbs because I need lots of energy or I will get sick, when I get sick its as if my whole body is shutting down. I get fevers my head wants to blow up and I lose site and its hard to think or speak, I need to maintain myself or I am to weak to do just basic stuff. But when I take my supplement I feel better and able to do more stuff, if your body dont get what it needs to run it just will not run.