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What to do ?

Posted on: 2018/12/12, 12:40 PM by: Carieluv
So 6 months ago, after weeks of pondering on it, my friend and I walked through the doors of a gym. You see I had just moved to the UK about 4 months earlier and had found myself somewhat depressed. And I can say I was clinically depressed with almost 100% certainty (I a final year medical student). Anyway, I diddnt know what I was doing at first. The gym I went to had a wide array of classes.I went from Day 1, it went well. Ofcourse, I was panting and sweating my way through everything, but it was tolerable. I went to the next one , a different one this time. Arrived late and had the instructor almost yelling at us. I must have done somrthing wrong because for a week after that class i couldnt walk without wincing everytime. I booked a personal trainer, still with my friend. She did however, quit a few weeks after. And she even stopped going to the gym completely. Now, at this point, I had to make a decision; there is much comfort in doing things with others especially if you share the same goals. But people change, goals change and you cant control the direction of this change.I persisted with MY goal. Soon enough, like a month or so afterwards, I had a set schedule. I knew which classes I wanted to stick with and negotiated the other days for my PT sessions and individual work outs. It was still challenging nonetheless. And for a while I couldnt see any improvement. Now, I consider myself well learned. So I knew I had to change something in addition to exercise. And that is NUTRITION. If anything, that to me is the more important of the two. So I went on a mission to eat more healthily. I know myself ; I love sugar ! So that's where I started. The sugar had to go. I did my research. There are so many sources of sugar in the stuff we eat. Now, not all sugar is bad. Your body needs a certain amount for energy. So I cut out processed sugar and instead opted for natural sources i.e fruits. And that meant a few weeks of paranoia. I spent so much time in the supermarket becuase I was that person scanning every product label. From my research I had a list of all the different ways manufacturers  "sugar-coated" sugar to us. It was hard, really hard. And yes some days I faultered. But I got back on track every time. Looking back I am almost puzzled how I was so addicted to sugar. The new me just 6 months later cannot tolerate anything sweet that isnt fruit. Do not get me wrong I still eat sweet edibles but I find i feel weird, like nauseous, bloated even have heart burn at times. I dont know how but yes it happened. And what have I gained? My skin rarely breaks out except for small bumps occasionally during "that time of the month", I feel lighter on my feet less sluggish especially after eating. I used to have episodes of what felt like post-prandial hypoglycemia where I was dizzy, extremely fatigued and just weak. And every time I would need to ingest something really sweet to alleviate the symptoms.Now I feel full and satisfied with my meals. And I have actually become more of a foodie. I love planning for my next meal. It gets me through most of my days and workouts.
Anyway, back to the workouts. I never thought it possible for me to look the way I look now. I am naturally small with no muscle and I tend to put on weight in my midsection.  Gosh, the change that I have seen on my body are honestly amazing. I have strong leg muscles. Like well defined and all. Also my upper body is amazing to me. I love looking and admiring the product of my tears, sweat and  perseveranace. I have had to fight so much internal and external negativity to achieve this. It may not be the best out there, but I have had this body all my life and seeing it change now is honestly the best achivement for myself. And I do not think I can ever go back having come this far.