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What is the hardest thing for you when you are changing to a healthier life style? What helps make the journey easier?

Posted on: 2018/05/15, 07:10 PM by: Lookforthegood
My biggest challenge in becoming more healthy is that it is so "daily".  Every single day matters.  It matters if you skip a work out or two, it matters if you splurge, it matters if you eat things that your body doesn't want (corn & gluten).  You can't just decide to work on being healthier once in a while or just one day a week.  It's constant never ending.  I have lost 27 pounds, but only one pound at a time and only one pound per week.  It is slow and constant, never getting easier, never quitting, and fitness knows no vacations.  It has taken 27 weeks of recording every calorie, monitoring each and every work out.  What happens when I get lose my 50 pound weight loss goal?  I will still have to record every calorie and watch every work out, or it will all come back.  There's no quitting, it will never end. Good health is just so "daily".

On the positive side, it helps to have accountablity.  I love my Renfo smart scale!  I love to see my changing graphs.  My fitbit makes it hard to quick.  When I think I am done, I realize I only have 100 more steps to make it to the next thousand, or 1/4 of a mile to complete the mile.  I don't want to end just a little bit shy of the next big thing.  I find I am willing to push just a little more.

What is your biggest challenge?  What is something that you find that makes your healthy life style easier?