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Posted on: 2014/09/03, 09:26 AM by: sverser1
I am completely unsure of what I can do as far as exercise today. It is raining, I own no exercise equipment, and I have no access to a gym. I could use a little bit of advice right now. I just feel real lazy when I can't get out and take a walk. I just don't know what to do.


  • sverser1 sverser1 2014/09/05
    Thank you so much. I am kinda new to the whole work out thing. I have walked and stuff like that, but I am very serious about wanting to lose weight. I believe that my depression will decrease and that my health will improve drastically. I'm not only doing it for myself, I am doing it for my family. Thank you for the tips. I will use them for sure.
  • MrsVega919 MrsVega919 2014/09/05
    (sorry more that 1000 characters of comment) After your PUs, run in place for 30 seconds or do jumping jacks. Then using a chair or the edge of your sofa do some dips, again 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Continue changing things up with sets of strength exercises and 30 seconds of cardio. Don't have hand weights/dumbbells, use canned foods in lieu of them, they may not be as heavy, but you will see they will work, you can do bicep curls, lateral raises, etc. with them; it is fun to get creative Do this for 30 minutes (or more), and before you know it you would have done a full workout and you didn't need a single piece of gym equipment. Hope this helps and inspires!
  • MrsVega919 MrsVega919 2014/09/05
    I see you actually posted this a few days ago, I hope that the weather cleared up enough for you to take a walk. :-) I am by any means not an expert in fitness, just a beneficiary of keeping fit. I know that when weather is not ideal it is easy to fall into laziness (boy do I know this fact). Nonetheless there are ways to combat this, but the motivation has to come from within, which I know is sometimes the hardest part. Make a plan for days like this, when you find yourself unable to exercise outside, and do not have access to a gym. There are many body weight exercises that you can do at home to get your exercise in. Can't walk/run outside, turn up the radio and dance. Don't worry about if you can dance or not, or how you look, just move your body to the beat and get that heart rate up. After a song or two for a workout, consider doing some push-ups (start with them on your knees until you build up to full ones). Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps. (continued)...