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Teachers' Appreciation Week/Mother's Day

Posted on: 2018/05/12, 09:11 PM by: Lookforthegood
I have been working hard to take better care of myself.  I have lost 25 pounds this year.  It is a long, slow, tedius process.  It is hard not to slip up sometimes.  Teacher appreciation week has been a difficult challenge for me.  Students, administration, and the PTO have showered on us generous gifts galore to excite the taste buds and to expand the waist line.  I have stayed in my calorie range every single day, but the calories were empty calories.  I slipped.  I gained weight this week. :(  I am determined to get back on track and continue moving forward.

With Mother's Day tomorrow, I have been trying carefully to plan for next week, to re-group and increase motivation to become a healthier mother.  I have twin girls.  One of the girls surpised me today by treating me to a frozen yogurt bar.  I loved the time I spent with her, every single second of it.  I wouldn't wish away a moment of our time together.  She was so sweet, but oh how I had to walk tonight to fight off the dreaded extra calories.  The other twin, called me tonight and asked me to be her accountability partner on this site.  Both girls are sweet, thoughtful, strong and compassionate, but which gift do you think is the kindest?  Which is the longest lasting?  Which will make the biggest life long impact? 

It makes me think about the gifts I give others.  Are they wanted?  Are they needed?  Are they helpful?  Are they kind?  Are they loving?