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Starting fresh

Posted on: 2019/11/16, 09:29 PM by: SunnyLeo
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Add after a lot of struggle and a lot of planning the last thing on my list was to sign up for an exercise program and nutrition program. These have been the most difficult areas of my life. Hopefully, with some support motivation and will power make my goals. Being a person who suffers from anxiety an ADHD, which controls my impulses and focus it has been hard for me to stick to any plan let alone an exercise and nutrition plan. On top of my mental deficiencies, I am now recovering from an addiction to pain medication. Everyday I am in a lot of pain. I barely sleep, and can't sit down for very long or stand up very long. I am, however willing to at least try at this. This is all new for me and very scary. I am hoping one day I can be an inspiration to others. Hey, if I can do it you can do it type thing. So, here I go. I don't plan on looking back. I know there will be challenges and I will power on.