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Posted on: 2012/01/03, 02:35 AM by: Karen1244
Although I have struggled with medical problems I cannot control, working out and doing different types of physical, but fun activities are a must that I should keep up with. I enjoy doing zumba, and just dance three, or wii sports and yoga, cannot go wrong with that workout. Got a lovely workout plan in check on this site, but also from a power lifter too. Abs I find are very easy to build. although, being a girl I thought it would be harder due to the fact our matabolism (excuse my spelling haha) isn't as good as mens. Extremely excited, for 2012. What's my motivation? My self. I'm not over weight, but since I was a kid I never craved much junk food, which has helped me to be where I am at today. Apparently all green veggies are the best :) Did you know that if you eat one whole RED pepper, it is equalled to three oranges? Facts are interesting aren't they! Ah I'm very happy, success is only measured  by how far we want to go with it!