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Posted on: 2012/02/04, 04:44 PM by: blondeiangel
does anyone know if a waist trimmer belt really works?? cause i bought one but i'm afraid it won't work like it says it will..so if anyone has any info about this please comment


  • blondeiangel blondeiangel 2012/02/04
    alright well like i said i bought one but i've been eating right and exercising and stuff for the past 3 days and somehow i've lost 2 pounds already and i've been exercising by using my Wii Fit Plus and walking and i'm starting to eat more fruits and veggies as a snack instead of sugary and junk foods and drinking LOTS of water here lately and i'm trying to cut out sugar but that's gonna be hard cause so many foods have sugar in them now..but thank you for your comment i hope i can achieve my goals before summer and keep up eating right and exercising everyday
  • [Former member] 2012/02/04
    Save your money as far as the belt goes. Learn to eat right. Lift, walk or run and do it one day at a time. Hang in there.