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My starting point

Posted on: 2013/09/14, 02:27 PM by: Annika...
So yes, I have decided to join an online community to exercise... Don't judge - you're on a website reading it :)

I have never been the sporty type. I have never really enjoyed it actually. Maybe because I wasn't fit enough, but I always felt worse after exercise and demotivated to do it again. So this year I started doing mountainbiking. Just because i know it's good to do some exercise, and because there is not much else to do in the small town I live in. I actually started enjoying it. Being outdoors and socialising while it feels like you're going to die. Panting up a hill or even pushing the bike - it was fun making friends and getting to know other friends better in these stressful situations.

But being unfit makes riding less fun. The more your breath disappears, the more the view and pleasantries disappear too. And I want to do MTB'ing because I enjoy the outdoors so much!

So being pro-active is the best solution to any problem :) I decided to start running with my friends. Every weekday morning before work. It was so tough getting up in the mornings (I'm not a morning person!)... Then I got ill and for 3weeks I was unable to run at all. Needless to say, their exercise program has markedly increased in these 3 weeks. Now I feel too lazy to start running again. I actually would just enjoy motivating myself in my own home doing exercises that get my heart pumping without having to embarrass myself in front of a whole group of people or anyone else watching from inside their cozy homes.

I have now also signed up for a swimming program, where I swim once a week for cardio, but in the comfort of our own pool. Will enjoy that!

So this is the start. This weekend, I have committed myself to starting a workout plan set out on my new calender. On Monday, the daily exercising will begin. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to actually get myself fit again and look forward to look back on this day as the start of big things for me.