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Losing weight and having fun

Posted on: 2012/01/25, 04:10 AM by: AndyLee63
Hi all,
I am looking for workout buddies or just friends to chat with..
Totally new to the site, but I hope to use it more often as an exercise tool.
I also use Biggest Loser and Yourshape Fitness Evolved 2012 for Kinect on XBOX..

I can be highly motivated, but at the moment, I am full of cold and have to really kick my butt to get out of bed and do something that is good for me..

I made my new years resolutions and so far I am not doing too bad.
The non smoking is taking a little longer than anticipated, but I am getting there, just like British Rail (lol).

Well, anyone who wants to add me as a friend/buddy, please feel free..