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Lazy Night

Posted on: 2012/10/31, 10:23 PM by: kolhy
10 minute stair cimb

4 X 20 decline push ups 
3 X 10 dips
15-10-8-6-10 machine chest press (2 sets working unilaterally)
3 X 10 peck deck

4 X 25 leg raises

And then I gave up... 

Couldn't get my mind into it tonight. 

Hitting the road tomorrow night to start cardio trainining.  Perhaps this is what's missing.


  • [Former member] 2012/11/02
    My mind has been known to go missing.... I was going to say something really profound but I forgot what it was as soon as I started typing.
  • Fyrblade Fyrblade 2012/11/02
    I know that feeling. When I'm not feeling into it, I go anyway. If I'm ther and after 30-40 min I'm still not into it, I go home. I take it as a sign of needing rest or at least a change of scenery.