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Injury Reflection

Posted on: 2020/03/23, 03:44 AM by: nismolu
I did a chest workout day as well as play basketball same day roughly 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I set a pick and a persons body weight went straight into my chest muscle and basically I collapsed. I couldn't really move my arm without pain in my chest muscle for the 1st 2 days afterwards. But I just rubbed pain medicine, cream and basically cancelled all my workouts for 2 weeks. Then I gradually eased in some working out etc, and the pain kept coming and going, now I can say it's fully gone zero pain and I haven't lost much muscle strength in regards to my reps. I never went to a doctor, since it didn't feel like a bone break, I had every sympton of just a basic muscle tear injury and it just need massaging, cream and rest to heal. I just want this to be a notice for other people working out be careful out there. I learned I should always separate my working out with sports on different days or at the very least limit the possible contact for the muscle areas I worked out on. ie Don't set a pick on chest day lol. I hope this can also be encouragement, because boy it sucked not being able to workout for 2 weeks after I caught steam and had really good discipline, now I'm having some discipline issues post injury, but I'm working on getting back on track. I'm flogging again and that really has been what set my discipline pre-injury.