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First Day on this Site!

Posted on: 2017/06/28, 01:35 PM by: Elli-Angel
Stand: 28.6

This is my first day here in this website and I´m starting this journey now, because of me moving downstairs in my own apartment. Which means I can do all this exercises way easier and whenever and wherever I want. I want to get up earlier in the morning, not like right now (e.g. 11:30)! I want to eat healthy and lose weight, because right now I´m not feeling very well. I feel very bloated und unhealthy and I really need to take care of myself.
And I can do that the best way when I´m alone.
I want to cut the most sugar I can.
Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
Exercise all the time when the schedule says so and not giving up after the first few times! It gets easier eventually!
Cut that much internet and phone and television. Instead read and learn more.

My Weight: 77.5 kg
Height: 1,60m