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First Day

Posted on: 2018/07/01, 08:04 PM by: Jessica2015
This evening was my first day with this program, My girls loved working out right along with me, they keep me very motivated especially with helping them understand how to do the excersies as well. Can't wait until Tuesday so we can do our second day of excersiing together as a family. Thank you Free Trainers for giving me this oppurtunity to get myseld where I want and need to be and helping along the way.
The knee push ups and cruches are the hardest for me. I am not overweight but it is very difficult with the breathing techniques while doing these excersies.


  • Seendaddy Seendaddy 2018/07/10
    Hi Jessica 🙋🏾‍♂️...how's your workouts coming along? It's great that you have your girls helping to motivate you and work out during your journey! Anyway just wanted to say hi and I hope you continue...for yourself 👌🏾 Have a great day!