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First Day

Posted on: 2012/04/25, 02:13 AM by: NoavaJane
So it's my first day with a start of a new healthy and fit life i'm a little worried that I won't make my goal because this is something I really want , and that i've always wanted. At first my parents didn't really believe in me or think that I could do it until I quit eating junk food ( chocolate was the hardest to let go) and I started eating yogurt,fruits,and vegetables, I have cut my portions. I am extremely excited and nervous at the same time but I think I can do it because i've gotten this far on my own. Only 58.2 lbs to go  wish me luck. ^_^


  • sindymartinez24 sindymartinez24 2012/04/25
    Hi. I just started on this too, I really recomend to use my fitness pal, is a site where you log in all your food and count calories, it helps alot. I started using it about a month ago, and it makes u think when you want to eat something that you dont supposed to....