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Day 9

Posted on: 2017/05/10, 12:24 PM by: SouthernHeart
Wow! 2 hours and 45 minutes later. I did search a couple new exercises, and took my time focusing on form more today. I busted out the one random 35lb dumbell I have and used it for glute bridges. I tried to use if for kettle ball swings but I think it's just a little too heavy, and I can't quite grip it properly. I'm not exactly sure how to do those anyway. I have to research them more. I switched bars so I could press more easily. The other bar is a curl bar I think and even when using it to curl it didn't feel right. I have noticed a change in my abs. I always notice change in my upper ones first. The lower ones seem impossible to workout. The best exercise for abs I have found the fits me is hanging situps. They really work my whole core best. My weakest area is my chest and while working it today I seen the muscles shaking. It felt great. Lol... 

Seeing I worked out all the way to lunch, I'm enjoy some tuna on multi-grain crackers with my protein shake. I'm spent. Xoxox