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Body Fit Wanna Be

Posted on: 2019/03/27, 10:38 AM by: cranddy

I had 3 memberships on a gym. The first two only lasted for less than a month with non-consecutive days of working out. Yes that's true! I currently enrolled myself on a gym 2 days ago with i guess much desire to get fit, but, trying so hard not to fail on this again. I am 32 years old and already noticing changes on my body figure. When I look at myself in front of the mirror I already notice fats that makes me look chubier than ever. 

Well, why do you think we can't manage to exercise regularly. In my case, I have this "gym intimidation". First factor could be, I lack the confidence to perform well at the beginning because I know I would improperly perform the exercises. Second, I feel people are looking at me, though I know they really don't but you know that wierd feeling whenever your trying to go out of your comfort zone? Early tonight was my second night. My gym buddy didn't make it and the my other friend failed as well. I pursued going to the g and even attended a zumba class. 

Prior to everything, when I entered the footstep of the fitness center, I saw sombody I know sitting at the lobby then here I am experience a deduction on my confidence! I was able to dance during Zumba but failed to do my cardio thinking that person was there. And there! game over!

I want to diminish that feeling of awkwardness especially when trying to workout alone. How can I really possibly get rid of that feeling? Need some advise.

Body Fit Wanna Be!