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Posted on: 2012/06/24, 11:17 PM
12: 35 PM Philippine TIme

I started jogging again last night. There's a city park in a nearby barangay and I went there for a quick jog. It was also my first time to use the new running shoes I bought from Fila last, last month. It was a pair of funny looking "Skele-toes" which were very comfortable and light. Anyway, I walked towards the park (I don't know how many miles or km that is, I'm not really good in estimating distance, but I basically had to walk at a normal pace for around 20 minutes), then I was able to jog/walk around the park for two laps. I really didn't want to stay there too long since it was getting late and I watch too many cop shows to know that jogging alone at night can be pretty dangerous.

After the two laps, I decided to rest and then I walked for another 20 minutes to get home. I was not too tired, but I was weak that I cannot fight the urge to eat dinner. We had "pork sisig", a local greasy and yummy delicacy and to make me feel less guilty, I only had a half cup serving of white rice. I also added 2 thin slices of luncheon meat and lots of bananas. My sister also bought white chocolate Cornetto ice cream and that sucks because I can't help myself from eating something that was FREE!

Anyway, I'm hoping to make good on my diet and exercise plan. I am hoping to trim down by December. I also just checked on this website today. The last time I logged on was months ago and I am very happy with the improvement on the site's layout. I'm feeling more enthusiastic by just looking at the website. I love this idea of a FLog, by the way. That way, I don't have to rant about my weight loss struggles on my blog.

Must be going out for today's jog in a few hours. Paalam! (Goodbye in Filipino :D)