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Back in shape

Posted on: 2017/05/09, 11:10 PM by: Kacey08
I am a reservist in the military and I  just completed my first deployment.  I was away from home for ten months. While I was away I worked much longer work days, ran in my free time, and  had meals that were rationed. The whole time I was away I did not gain a single pound. I got a little more muscle but I  didn't think it was much. Than I got back to the U.S. I could have real food again! Pizza, cheeseburgers, even milk. I could sleep in and I definitely didn't run as much. In a months time I managed to gain 13 pounds and lose more muscle strength than I thought possible. Well Iave very disappointed in myself and struggling to get back in shape. I was led to the internet to find a  workout plan to work myself back in shape and  found this.  It was really the word free that made me decide to click the link but after customizing my own workout and starting the plan, I think it is just what I need to get started back up again.