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A little about me.

Posted on: 2018/02/07, 01:39 PM by: IrishPotatoDude
Hey guys, my name's Jean Luc and I've been skinny for most of my life. Throughout my entire life, I've never paid much attention to my physical health due to lack of motivation and lack of knowledge which in turn, doubles in fear of failure therefore, I don't even want to begin. Confidence has always been something of an issue for me as I've never stepped into a gym before in my life and I wouldn't think I'd have enough money for a personal trainer. What I find very frustrating is that after scrolling through one fitness website, another might tell you something completely different  than the last one, creating this confusion about something I'm sure isn't that difficult once I put my mind to it. I'm glad that I have found this site and that it is free to sign up. I'm hoping to make this year the one for me.

Thank you,

Jean Luc.