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100 Pushups Daily Challenge Day 4

Posted on: 2020/02/07, 01:16 AM by: nismolu
100 Pushups Daily Challenge Day 4
5 Sets
1st Set - 20
2nd Set - 20
3rd  Set - 20
4th Set - 20
5th Set -  20
Total Pushups - 100

2nd day 100 pushups overall! This was tougher than yesterday seeing as my arms are probably really tired.
my muscles were really sore today, but the burn kept me going I know this should be worth it soon!

Goal of this challenge to keep a routine of daily pushups until can do 100 pushups overall and then 100 pushups in a single set.
100 Pushups mobile phone app on Android, nice UI has a timer to rest between sets and keep track with reminders.