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10 down - 50 to go!

Posted on: 2012/04/02, 08:03 AM by: isabelle14
I am feeling great!  Finally hit my 1st mile stone this weekend!  Lost my 1st 10 lbs!

I am getting compliments at work, people are noticing the weight loss which is a motivational boost in it self!  Mini goal number 2, getting myself out of the 180's.  Number 3, loosing 10% of my highest weight which is 19.4 lbs.

Mid-week last week, I was having a hard time.  I was working my buns off, watching my caloric intake and nothing was budging too much (weight or inches wise).  So when I came across 184 lbs, on the nose non the less, on the scale on Saturday...  It gave me the motivational push I needed not to give up!

I work hard at it but it's paying off and I am really excited at how great I feel!