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I'm a natural bodybuilder, competing in my first show on May 22nd 2010, The NANBF Natural Mr. Minnesota.

All American EFX sponsored athlete and Board Rep

Shooting for my IFPA Pro Card!!!

Goals and motivation

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Fit wall

  • big_j_scf big_j_scf 2004/01/28, 12:12 AM
    I'm a defensive tackle. I can get by at my weight cuz its not that big of a college. Plus, I'm the fastest lineman on my team, so that helps. But yeah, i don't really expect to hit my goal in the near future. I'm thinking more like 1-3 years! I don't think its impossible though, cuz I'm about 247 right now and I am fairly lean. I do have a decent amount of fat, but I think I can do it. And yeah, natural for sure. no way I would go the other way.
  • Jdelts Jdelts 2003/11/09, 05:14 PM
    255 and lean at 5'11"???...natural?? Good luck man!!! What position are you?
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