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26 year old female living in England and despite what you think, my teeth are in pristine condition :D

Goals and motivation

I am 5' 7 and currently weigh 164 pounds and although I'm not hugely overweight, I want to drop 20 pounds and get that figure I've always dreamt of.

I was close to my goal weight a couple of years ago but did the typical hardcore cardio and no toning up, leaving me with disgusting saggy skin and though my body had shrunk, it was still the same shape (YUK!)

I am not going to make the same mistake again, hence upgrading my profile to freetrainerspro to get the best I can from my workouts.

I'm NOT going to get hung up about what the numbers say on the scale - they are not the best indicators of fat loss.

I know this has to be a lifestyle change and I am aware that it took a long time to look like a whale (haha) therefore it will also take time to trim down and look good.

HOWEVER, I do have a family wedding to attend on June 7th and want to look GORGEOUS, hopefully having shed a considerable amount of fat by then - I have enough time to lose steadily and healthily.

Problem area - stomach and back


Fit wall

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