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Whats good to eat thats low cal?
  • 2012/01/07, 09:08 PM
    I'm trying really hard to stay low cal with my food. Problem is, I don't like ANY fruit and hardly any vegetables. I've tried and tried to force myself to eat fruits but I just can't do it, I become physically sick. I do have texture issues and just can't get past them. So I was wondering, is there anything else out there that I can put on my list of foods that I can eat  that aren't tuna, soup, and crackers?
  • 2012/01/08, 11:48 AM
    Cottage cheese, oatmeal, extra lean ground beef, boneless/skinless chicken, ground turkey, turkey bacon, vegetables, low-fat yogurts/granola, eggs, whole wheat breads/rolls/bagels, fat free cream cheese...the list is endless really.  But if you're looking to cut calories, here is a link below that I have referred to at times that shows the healthier alternatives to those foods we like to consume.
  • 2012/01/08, 04:29 PM (Edited: Carivan - 2012/01/08, 04:39 PM)
    Seafood, lentils, brown rice, beans, are just a few more.
  • 2012/01/09, 09:10 AM
    Thankyou both for the comments! I really appreciate the help :)
  • 2012/01/09, 10:41 AM
    You're welcome and Good Luck!!!
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