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What best food that burns belly fat?
  • 2011/11/09, 10:42 PM (Edited: george - 2011/12/31, 09:52 PM)
    I was wondering what are the best foods that are out there that melt belly fat. I know there is a lot but i only know that pineapple has properties that help melt belly fat. In addition did anyone use acai berry does I really work? I have a bit of extra baggage and i need to find out or an exercise that burns fat quick. :D
  • 2012/01/01, 08:16 AM
    It's never a specific food that burns body fat, it's the combination of physical exercise and the right choice of healthy foods that together give you the weight loss results you want.
  • 2012/01/03, 01:49 PM
    You may want to consider what you are eating and perhaps reduce fat intake and processed foods.
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