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Supplement suggestions
  • 2011/06/03, 05:05 PM
    Hi there!
    I am trying to lose my final 25 lbs. My husband and I will be finishing power 90 in 2 weeks and starting Insanity or p90x- still deciding. What do you suggest I take as far a meal replacement and/or post/pre workout? Ideally I would like to take shakeology but it would cost $8/day for my husband and I, we simply cannot afford that... So now i am looking for an alternative. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  • 2011/08/08, 11:27 PM
    Yap! shakeology was really expensive nowadays. Some price range for about $10. Hmm... is it okay on you and for your husband to take a supplement? I would suggest the Slender Factor. It's a good fat burning and appetite control supplement. It's used by my sister during last holiday and pretty works on her. I've asked her about the price, and she bought it around $54-56 (120 Capsules - 2 Month Supply). Better for you to check and research.. might the price or package change.Hope this info helps you. Please update us on what's the latest development on your husband and on you.Cheers!
  • 2011/11/09, 03:53 PM
    Hi Kelly! As a business owner who not only sells but uses this product, I would definitely recommend looking into Nutrilite's Meal Replacement Shakes. I can post a link below so you can look into it for yourself but if you havent heard of nutrilite before its the #1 leading brand for vitamins, minerals and supplements. Each order is $33.60 and comes with 12 shakes so your looking at about $2.75 per shake, not sure if thats in your price range or not but feel free to look into it if your interested. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Best of luck to you and your hubby on your continued exercise program!! :-)
  • 2011/11/10, 12:39 AM
    Spam spam everywhere.

    I would have a million dollars now if only I had only followed CNBCs advice...and I had started with a hundred million dollars.

  • 2011/11/10, 07:20 AM
    Im confused as to why you think my response is spam? I honestly just wanted to give a suggestion/option because its what I used personally and have seen benefits from. Sorry if I rocked anyones boat :-/
  • 2011/11/10, 06:36 PM
    Ummm, you put a link to your amway web sight and offer to help connect with a private message. That's spamming.

    I would have a million dollars now if only I had only followed CNBCs advice...and I had started with a hundred million dollars.

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