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Working out and eating
  • 2010/05/10, 09:44 PM
    I have a major problem. Today was the first day of my work out from this site. I just couldn't get into the workout. I'm 18 years old and the work out just was fun. So a group of friends and myself decided to put on music and do 8 count (dance routines) instead. Is that a bad thing. I got a great work out I did sweat and I felt the burn in the movements? Secondly I'm not a big eater, shocker seeing how i'm 217. But idk if that's a good or bad thing when trying to work out because I know you have to eat to have energy, but I'm going to have a hard time reaching my nutritional goals since I dont eat a lot. What should I do?
  • 2010/05/24, 04:42 AM
    try to be more conveniet of yourself.
    be happy xx:love:

  • 2010/07/19, 06:43 PM
    Just simply keep trying to lose that weight! BE MOTIVATED! Because that is my problem too! Gd Luck:)
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