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Can't lose weight or size!
  • 2010/04/13, 06:24 AM
    I'm 21, 176lb and and 5'6". I think I eat healthily (balanced diet that generally averages out at 1400-1500 calories a day, try to keep bad fats to a minimum - very concious of this. Additionally, I do 30 mins of cardio (ususally jogging or cross trainer) plus 20-30 mins of toning exercises and free weights at least 4 times a week. On top of that I have a fairly busy lifestyle that means I do a fair amount of walking everyday.

    I know I'm not on a stict diet and don't do loads of exercise (I've tried this in the past and it didn't make much difference anyway), but I just can't seem to change my size at all. In the three weeks I've been following my current routine I've noticed I feel fitter and my muscles are stronger, but I still have the layer of fat over the top that really bugs me. the main problem areas are my hips and thighs (I actusally have quite a small waist). I have until august to acheive my 'bikini body,' so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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