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Sticky Secret to weight loss
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  • 2012/09/11, 10:06 AM
    I know this post is old but it still stands in 2012!!! This hits home for me !
  • 2012/10/11, 12:43 PM
    Very honest post. I guess this kind of situation IS true for a lot of us. If only life came with instructions so you already know from the get-go what to do and what not to do, eh?
  • 2013/04/27, 02:40 AM
    I think the best and big secret to lose weight is , walk and exercis.. Its very important and good for losing weigh with health..
    Safe Weight Loss
  • 2013/07/09, 04:41 AM
    Well said! What more motivation do we need than to want to live a long healthy and happy life. BS gets you nowhere fast. I know from experience. It's is the reality check I needed.
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