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Reduce Boobs
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  • 2004/02/08, 06:37 PM
    I have a question regarding boob size. I am 5'5, 140, and not by any mean fat. I am generally pretty small, except in my boobs. I wear a 30D. So needless to say I am very out of proportion. Is there anything I can do to change that?? Excercises or anything???
  • 2004/02/08, 06:43 PM
    I didnt know there was a size 30D. My wife was a size 36E and she got a reduction. She is a 36D now and she is very happy. The big boobs used to make her look fat, now she looks proportioned. Either way I aint complaining.

    Hec da Rec in full effect.
  • 2004/02/08, 06:49 PM
    I've had more friends that have had reductions than augmentations. They all say that it has changed their life for the better. Less strain on the lower back, less tired at the end of the day etc... I'll 2nd hecdarec, I didin't know 30D existed! Wow, that must be uncomfortable for you.
  • 2004/02/09, 12:08 AM
    My wife also had a brest reduction. She used to be a 44G and is now a 40D. She is much happier minus the scares she has.. Her back and shoulders feel much better. Good Luck!
  • 2004/02/09, 09:49 AM
    Luna_Star - As breasts are pretty much made of fat (sounds appealing huh?, lol), you could try reducing body fat before heading for more drastic measures such as surgery. Even if your weight is in the healthy zone, one can still have an excess of bodyfat. You can reduce bodyfat and still maintain the same weight - as you would be replacing the fat with muscle. Exercise will help you tenfold in this - although fat will come off where it wants to at first (in other words, there is no such thing as spot reduction) it most definitly will come off if you stick to a program. Hope this helps. Good luck to you :)
  • 2004/03/05, 11:01 PM
    So Am-azon you are saying you should wait until you have the body fat situation under control before you solve your problems with surgery? I am a long way from getting my body fat under control (lost 55 lbs in the last year but have about 50 more to go. I am currenlty a 42DD and I hate them! My back and neck hurt constantly (osteo arthritis doesnt help) and my shoulders look like a sway backed horse. I am 50 years old and ready to change my life. I would LOVE to be a C cup. My shoulders would be so much better. How long should I wait or how much more weight should I lose before I decide that I just cant wait any longer. Thanks so much for any thoughts you can provide.

  • 2004/03/06, 07:04 PM
    wow, I never knew breasts were that heavy to carry around. lol
  • 2004/03/08, 08:39 AM
    Oh God yes, they are that heavy!! Not to mention they can cause scars on you emotionally. Having my reduction was the best thing that ever happened to me on every level. But I do agree, if your weight is the cause of your mass, then you should tackle it with diet first and opt for the surgery to lift them back up where they used to be.:big_smile:
  • 2004/03/09, 02:45 AM
    Oh yes isn't life unfair? The women with big chest want a larger one and the women gifted with huge boobs wants smaller ones........ :surprised::(:laugh:

    Hmmmm the only other thing I can suggest but reduction is to build up stronger chest and back muscles so you'll not need to suffer so much with the extra weight.

    - Nina :o) Les Victoires éternelles sont celles du coeur.
  • 2004/09/26, 03:45 PM
    hi im slimmer16 and if you tense your arm muscles they in turn tense your breast muscles as well excercising them and therefore making them firmer. Good luck to everyone and i hope they work

    Sarah Roberts aka Slimmer16 email me!
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