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Lumpy knots in my lower back
  • 2006/04/17, 03:02 PM
    I pulled something in my back about 6 weeks ago. I was only in pain for the next day, but ever since there has been a lumpy knot in my lower back about an inch above my waist and two inches from the center of my back. It doesn't hurt, but every once in a while (maybe every other day) I'll feel a tinge of a dull ache in that spot. I'm afraid to lift heavy and run for fear of aggravating the knot more.

    What exactly is/causes the knot and will it go away on it's own?

  • 2006/04/17, 03:44 PM
    It could be a lot of things but if you have a lumpy spot that wasn't there before I'd go have it checked out. Your question isn't something we're qualified to answer.

    in Pensacola Now.
  • 2006/04/17, 08:36 PM
    Agreed, go have it checked out.

    She sits and wonders more.
  • 2006/05/08, 12:06 PM
    I went in last week for ultrasound and a CT scan. They called me today and said I have a small muscle tear. They really didn't give me any advice on what to do other than to say if it keeps bothering me to make another appointment. Do you guys have any advice?
  • 2006/05/08, 04:30 PM
    Leedoggg, sometimes you have to grab your quack by the throat and MAKE him give you info.It sounds in this case vlike he decided it wasn't serious and should heal on it's own given time and rest.

    I have lumps all over my head from banging it into the headboard on the bed. :big_smile:

    Sometimes life is like herding cats.

  • 2006/05/08, 11:29 PM
    You need to get some handle bars Charlie.:big_smile:

    Blow Up The Outside World-Chris Cornell
  • 2006/05/08, 11:50 PM
    On our honeymoon night the desk clerk asked my wife "would you like the bridal suite?" She said "no, I'll just hang onto his ears."

    Sometimes life is like herding cats.

  • 2009/04/20, 10:35 PM
    Hi, I just wanted to come full circle with this post...

    I should've taken Charlie's advice to "grab my quack by the throat!" and get the straight dope on what was up with my back.

    I stopped lifting about 3 months after my last post in this thread, because of the pain in my back. It was a daily nagging pain made worse by lifting. In 2007 I moved back to Ohio and it wasn't until October 2008 that I finally decided to go back to the doctor to see if I could get a diagnosis.

    I have a herniated L5-S1 disc that I lived with for nearly 3 years before I was able to get an accurate diagnosis! Any ways to make a long story less long, I got a cortisone shot for it about 7 weeks ago and have been feeling wonderful. It's been so long since I made it through a day without the nagging pain. I'm even cautiously back in the GYM and trying to drops some of these lbs I've put on in the past 3 years.

    If anyone finds this thread; don't do what I did and wait around when you KNOW you're injury isn't getting any better. Get it checked out by a Doctor and don't let them get rid of you without a tangible answer!

    I'll probably have to deal with this back thing for the rest of my life, but knowing what's wrong and what my options are make it much easier. It's like GI Joe man; "knowing is half the battle"!
  • 2010/04/09, 11:12 AM
    Relax.. if the pain lets you! It will all be OK, it just takes time. I had a series of back surgeries in the late 1990's. It took a few years, but I was able to get my life back.. a better life, actually. Find a good Dr., a good surgeon, and a good pain management dr.

    Yes, I'm talking pain meds. They have come a long way. You can take a small amount twice a day, not get high, (well, maybe a little when you first start, but then you get used to them). I didn't want to do it either, but then a doc said to me, when you are dead and gone do you want people to remember you for all the things you did or for your suffering? I have been on pain management meds for 4 years now and am grateful for them. (Do lock them up though. You will be amazed at how they can walk). They will serve you better than the shots. Just follow the directions and never take any 'extras'.

    Try yoga. The simple, relaxing stretching exercises do wonders for your body and mind.

    Healing can take years, but considering the alternative, that's ok.

    I'm glad the shots are helping you, but keep in the back of your mind that surgery is always an option. Techniques have come a long way and outcomes are pretty good these days. Those shots may not always help, and there is some evidence that they may increase degenerative changes over the long haul.

    My best advice? Find a teaching hospital and go there for at the very least a second opinion. No one there has any beach front property payments to make that may factor into their treatment decisions. (I have worked health care my entire life and can tell you without a doubt $$ is the bottom line, as disgusting as that is.)

    Also the very, very best doctor's gravitate to such institutions, so you will get top notch, state of the art care. Don't be afraid of the students. I'd rather have a student working on me than some rural quack any day. I seriously drive 300 miles round trip to go to Duke. They have saved me from other surgeries I didn't need, and are now seconding some blasted knee surgery I'll soon need.

    And by the way, 3 years for a proper diagnosis isn't unheard of. Many, many others go longer. Not every Dr. was top of his class. Anyone reading this unhappy with their care, remember you hired them and you can fire them. You have a lot of rights regarding records, insurance covering second opinions, etc. There are many online sites to check out doctor's but in the end you have to be happy with them and live with the results of their work.

    Good luck.
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