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Elbow problem
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  • 2005/11/25, 06:38 PM
    Okay I don´t know if this is the right place to write this but...I didn't know where else to write.

    I´ve had this problem for, I don´t know, a few years.
    When I first noticed it I stopped right away and just been trying again like, once a year.
    Everytime I try to do push-ups my left elbow makes this cracking noise. Always when I´m doing the down motion.
    And it feels really disgusting, it doesn´t hurt or anything, but I still don´t want to continue doing push-ups in case it´s something serious.
    Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do about it?
  • 2005/11/27, 09:24 AM
    sounds to me like epicondylitis. what side of the elbow is it on?
  • 2005/11/29, 11:10 AM
    its on the side, it starts at the topside of the underarm and ends a little under the tricep, the cracking that is.
    And it´s only on my left arm as I said, no where else.
  • 2005/11/30, 07:20 PM
    is it the side along your thumb or along your little finger?
  • 2005/12/02, 03:58 PM
    little finger
  • 2005/12/04, 09:16 AM
    if its lateral epicondylitis there should be pain up by your epicondyle, that little nobby thing on the outside. if you want to try a couple of tests, here (you might need a partner):

    1. sitting, lay your hand and foream on a table, palm down. make a fist and bring your hand back into extension. now for the action, you keep trying to extend your hand back while your partner resists the movement by holding the back of your hand. dont try to overpower then, just meet their resistance. u should be looking for pain and weakness.

    2. sitting, put your hand in a neutral position (ie thumb up). you are going to try to supinate your hand against your partners resistance (turning it palm up). again, just meet their resistance, dont try to overpower them, looking for pain and weakness at the same spot.

    in terms of protecting and preventing it from getting worse, try to minimize doorknob turning sort of movements as much as possible, and look into getting a counter pressure strap for your wrist extensors. this will help disperse the force, and not center it all on your epicondyle.
    when your playing any kind of sport, try to keep your hand in a neutral position, not flexed forward or extended backward. you should also do some eccentric wrist extensor exercises, like focusing on the lowering phase of a reverse wrist curl when you feel you are up to training it.

    this is the best i can guess without actually seeing it and testing it. hope this works for you, good luck!
  • 2005/12/05, 10:51 AM
    wow great reply! Thank you. But I don't think I have that, since there´s no pain at all. I have no trouble doing anything with my left arm, it´s only when I´m doing push-ups. The crack feels and sounds the same as when you for example bend your fingers and they make that crack sound. I don´t know if I might do the push-ups in the wrong way or something, I have tried to place the hands in many different ways, but the crack remains.
  • 2005/12/08, 05:17 PM
    a friend had the same prob and it was growing pains but u should still get it checked by a doctor
  • 2005/12/11, 08:14 PM
    Quoting from sammer_011:

    a friend had the same prob and it was growing pains but u should still get it checked by a doctor

    I'm going to ask you to refrain from telling someone that a possible injury is growing pains. A growing pain is the scientific name your doctor gives to something that he/she doesn't understand but feels is trivial. There is no medical reason for growing to be painful.

    Pain is only temporary, it is in your mind. If you can still walk, then you can still run.

    Quoting from 7707mutt:
    The squat cage is holy ground.
  • 2007/10/10, 10:54 PM
    my problem is similar to tiara's..

    I've had cracking in the elbows ever since i started throwing for discus and shotput... After about 3 months of this problem, i went to see the doctor and he said it was just something with my ligaments... I dont quite remember what he said.

    It's a cracking noise everytime i straighten out my elbow, or if i do a push up, the upward motion is when it cracks. It's like on the outter part of my elbow and when i bend my elbow, its sort of to the right of it. Sometimes my arm stiffens up and i cant bend it because it needs to crack... that only happens every so often..

    What's going on with my elbow? How do i solve this problem? I have this problem in both of my elbows...
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