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Shoulder popped out! HELP!
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  • 2003/03/16, 04:27 PM
    Hey, this really bugs me, i never really had an injury. My shoulder popped out of its socket last night, not even while lifting, just playfighting with a friend.

    I put it back into place, and i wasnt in a great deal of pain, so i dunno how serious it is. I still feel it today, and i know i shouldnt lift. But how long should i take a break for, and what should i do? Is my shoulder gunna be weak for good now?

    I need help and advice on this, anyone else have had there shoulder pop out?
  • 2003/03/16, 04:58 PM
    see a doc
  • 2003/03/16, 05:40 PM
    Ouch that seems gruesome!!
  • 2003/03/16, 05:52 PM
    really wasnt that bad, so i dont think its serious.

    Do u guys think i would need surgery? cause i really hope not.

    I wanna get back to lifting as soon as possible.

    Anyone else have any advice for me? or know how long i should wait till i lift again? For at least a week or 2 im going to try to give my arm as much rest as possible.
  • 2003/03/16, 05:55 PM
    Popping out of socket seems bad but ive heard of people that (Popped it back in) that felt the same b4 it happened.Yhe real question is does it hurt real bad i suppose.
  • 2003/03/16, 06:00 PM
    No it doesnt feel the same, but im not in pain.

    I guess it just needs time?
  • 2003/03/16, 07:59 PM
    Get it pain doesnt mean it's ok!

    Peace on earth

    Ivan Montreal Canada
  • 2003/03/16, 08:58 PM
    A trainer who has his shoulder problems told me, im probly one of those guys that has weaker connective tissues and that ill be fine. He said i should take a break for about a week or 2, and put ice on it several times aday while taking advil 3 times a day.
  • 2003/04/06, 10:59 PM
    my shoulder use to slip out all the time and the doc told me that the cap that keep it in place has split in two.he recomended surgery or lift weights to strengthen the muscles around my shoulder.if it does really hurt u can still lift weights but not to heavy.Take it from me if u lift to much of a heavy weight you will feeln it later .
  • 2003/04/08, 08:33 AM
    Go to a doctor and get it checked out. I screwed up mine a couple times before I went. It tires much quicker than the other now. Make sure you follow the doctor's orders to a T! Hopefully it involves physical therapy. I didnt do mine, thus the weak shoulder.
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