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sore calves
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  • 2002/06/12, 01:47 PM
    Well, now I did it. I promised myself to start easy - I don't know if this is how it is supposed to feel, or if I pulled something.

    So, last Sunday morning, I did standing calf raises. All I did was put my toes on a step (held onto the railing for balance) and lower/raised my calf. Each leg did 4 sets of 20 reps.

    Now both my calves are so sore, when I just touch them, it hurts. I can still walk, but I certainly feel it. It isn't a sharp pain, it feels like I just pulled my muscles.

    Then again, maybe this is what it is supposed to feel like? I never exercised my calves like that before, maybe the muscles weren't used to it?

    They are getting better, slowly. And when I stretch them, they feel better. I'm just worried that I did the exercise wrong or if I just did too many too soon.

    Anyone with similiar experiences? (I know I saw one posting where someone had hideous pains in their calves such that they could not walk; that isn't me, I can still walk and the pain is bearable, they are just very sore).
  • 2002/06/12, 01:49 PM
    If you keep working it right you'll still get soreness afterwords but it won't be nearly as bad.
  • 2002/06/12, 02:24 PM
    Yes, Miken is right on. I too had this happen when I began my leg routine. I remember saying almost the identical thing to my co-worker. I said that I thought I injured myself because the pain was so intense. Keep on following your program, get rest, and you'll be fine.

    "Seven days without exercise makes one weak."
  • 2002/06/12, 04:23 PM
    This is bodybuilding you are tearing that muscle up so more can grow, but you might have went to far...LOL. You are right Mazz your muscles might not have been use to it, wait a while for the pain to go away and hit it again. I have felt that pain before!

  • 2002/06/12, 06:24 PM
    I got my brother to start the home workout program on Monday (yeah!), so he calls me at home today asking if he has to do the same thing today because he's so sore he doesn't think he'll get through it all. Don't worry, I'll make him do it! >=)
  • 2002/06/13, 01:56 AM
    Yes the calves really hurts after the first couple of times. I know it's a big bother but don't give up, the next time you'll hardly feel anything.
    Don't worry.

    - Nina :o) La vie est toujours aussi belle.....
  • 2002/06/13, 07:40 AM
    *phew* OK, thanks for the input! At least I know I'm on the right track, but boy does it feel weird! BTW: I found that a little dab of sports creme helps to dull the pain... :)
  • 2002/06/13, 04:43 PM
    I have been working my calves for awhile and I still get pretty sore. This happens often when I work my legs, so soreness like you know, is just gonna have to be accepted with open arms! Reap the rewards of soreness...BIGGER and STRONGER MUSCLES!

  • 2002/06/14, 02:31 AM
    Hmmm I still hate having sore calves. I can handle everything else but not the calves.... yuck.

    - Nina :o) La vie est toujours aussi belle.....
  • 2002/06/16, 03:01 AM
    I find it very hard to get my calfs sore. I do as much weight as possible low and high reps, even some drop sets. But I always wake up the next feeling the same as before I workout. I hope they grow without soreness...

    Vaya con Dios... Keith
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