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Gaining Weight?
  • 2007/10/30, 09:13 PM
    Ya, I was just wondering what would be the best way to gain some weight?

    I'm just not to happy about being the weight I am ^^.
  • 2007/10/30, 10:11 PM

    As a quarter squatter was dominating the rack, I heard a conversation between an old powerlifter (easily in his 60\\'s) and what I would guess was his grandson (15-yrs old):

    Kid: \\"So, why does he stop so short on his squats? That looks weird to me.\\"

    Old PL\\'er: \\"He\\'s afraid if he squats deep, his vagina might touch the ground.\\"
  • 2007/10/31, 02:17 PM

    Care to go into any specifics, or should I just shovel anything editable into my mouth?
  • 2007/10/31, 03:37 PM
    Mutt is right, as thats about as specific as an answer can get when a question that vague is asked... Care to get into any specifics as to why you're looking to gain the weight?

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  • 2007/10/31, 04:45 PM
    Hm, not sure how I could go into specifics, muscle mass would be prefered but I heard it's easier to gain muscle mass if you already have some fat on you?

    As to why I'd like to gain some weight, I'm 16 years old and barely breaking 100 lbs. and as I said am just not happy with that haha.
  • 2007/11/01, 08:21 AM
    Muscle mass comes from eating more and lifting, it's a pretty simple equasion. Read the posts in these forums for a while and you'll learn quite a bit.

    DEFENSE! - Bas Rutten
  • 2007/11/01, 08:00 PM
    Okay, I'll take a look around.
  • 2007/11/02, 08:23 AM
    At each meal, eat more. Take what you're eating now and eat 50% more. See where that gets you in a month.
  • 2007/11/06, 01:13 PM
    and don't just eat junk...please use sense

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  • 2011/01/24, 01:36 PM
    I see no one has put what type of foods to eat.. you want to be eating oats for breakfast, meals with rice pasta or potatos have lots of carbs, most meats have plenty protien in, FEAST OUT
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