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DHEA and hair loss
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  • 2001/04/02, 03:40 PM
    I started DHEA a few weeks ago and after about a week I started loosing hair. I stopped taking the DHEA and after about 10 days the hair loss stopped. This is a side affect that I did not appreciate. This supplement is recommended for men over 40 like me - but clearly - it's not for everybody. --just a head's up for ya..
  • 2001/04/03, 01:40 AM
    DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).
    In the body this hormone is made by the adrenal glands and shuttled to various tissues an the form of Dhea sulfate.
    It is a precurser to other hormones, which means that it is transformed to the proper sex hormone for particular tissues upon arival. It goes to the lining of uterus, the breasts, the prostate, and to muscles, where iit is converted to either testosterone or estrogen or both depending on the recieving tissue.
  • 2001/04/03, 01:55 AM
    Claims about this supplement include but are not limited to; increased sex drive, restored memory, cancer fighting ability, stronger immune response and more....I personally think that the cancer fighting claims are rather ironic. the reason that I see irony is because one of the possible side effects may be accelerated growth of prexisting, hormone dependant tumors such as testicular, breast, and prostate cancers due to the flood of hormones that may be inadvertently fed to tumors in these areas of the body
  • 2001/04/03, 02:05 AM
    Other possible side effects may include, but may not be limited to; liver damage, acne, irritability, irregular heart rhtythms, growth of facial hair and deepening of voice in women, and yes, of course, male patteren baldness, in both men and women. If you didn't notice some of the effects and side effects are very similar to what is found with illegal use of steroids...hmmmm. This also hold true of the other so called "prohormone" products sold now over the counter. These supplements seem to be nothing short of leagal steroids. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY!!
  • 2001/04/03, 02:12 AM
    It is not reccomended that men or women under the age of 35 take DHEA (or any other hormone precursor for that matter) due to the fact that they may shut down their natural production of DHEA or any other given hormone.
  • 2001/04/03, 03:17 PM
    Well, I'm over it. This is one thing that I won't try again.
  • 2001/04/05, 08:31 PM
    Ya, when you use DHEA, there is that chance. There are other ways to boost your test levels without DHEA. Try Tribulus Androstrene stack. I'm 32 and use it. And i notice a difference when i'm on it and when i'm not.

  • 2001/04/07, 11:24 AM
    I just recieved a bottle of EAS'S-DHEA 25mg from my daughter. I am much older than most of you guys so I'll take it a while to see if their is any changes. I'll keep you posted.
  • 2001/04/08, 03:10 AM
    What's "much older" mean? I'm 41, I think sunnyjack is 42. I know we have a few of us running 'round here that can't seem to act our age. Thats a good thing btw. I hope you have good luck with the DEHA. I don't think the hormone supplements are all bad, but I do believe that you should be well informed about what you are taking at all times.
  • 2001/04/13, 12:17 AM
    Much older means I have 21 yrs on you, but even at my age I can still learn from you and right now I'm all ears because I still don't have the body I want and I've only been doing this a short while. In the body for life program there is a Dr. Life that was in the same shape that I was when I started the program and He made twice the progress that I have. If he can do it so can I. He is also my age. I just don't know how he did it so fast.In reading about DHEA hair loss and boobs are just some of the side effects if you use it for a long time, and I don't want that.
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