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How do i loose weight fast
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  • 2005/06/20, 01:15 AM
    Hi,i am 5'6 and weigh about 200 pounds:( i have been trying to loose weight but i just cant seem to make any changes. I love school but i hate the people, when they see me they think eww look at the fat girl what a loser. So i am trying to loose a lot of weight and get healthy before school starts on August 10th. Please i need your help!!!
  • 2005/06/20, 01:17 AM
    Well, first of all you need to lower your calorie intake... 3500 calories= 1 lb of weight... so dependign on how much you eat... you should cut that down. MAybe even try to eat healthier food- ex. Cucumbers instead of Chips Also, you should walk,run,swim, or do any cardio that you can do

    That\'s the fastest time ever run - but it\'s not as fast as the world record.
    -- David Coleman
  • 2005/06/20, 01:20 AM
    oops sorry im not done.. also you WONT lose all the weight at once so dont get discouraged... the 1st 10 lbs of weight are the absolute easiest to lose because most of it is water weight. The rest are tougher... you should set on a track to lost 2-3 lbs per week because that's typically healthy.. not 8 or 10... chances are you WONT lose all your weight before august 10th but hey.. better now then never!

    That\'s the fastest time ever run - but it\'s not as fast as the world record.
    -- David Coleman
  • 2005/06/20, 01:33 AM
    thanks that realy helps me :big_smile:
  • 2005/06/20, 10:43 AM
    ur welcome and welcome to the boards:)

    That\\'s the fastest time ever run - but it\\'s not as fast as the world record!
    -- David Coleman
  • 2005/07/22, 06:49 AM
    i also need to lose weight fast im 13 and in 5'7 but i weigh 3 lbs under 10 stone how do i lose 7 lbs in 3 weeks can someone help me please?
  • 2005/08/02, 11:25 PM
    i really just have a small pudge but it really bothers me!! how do i loose it? i am on a water only diet and i'm not sure what else to do im not doing athletics in school either so i will get 30 minutes after school in the wieght room and track,what should i focus on to loose my pudge?(im 14, 5'7,if it helps im 143lbs.)
  • 2005/08/03, 09:49 AM
    Water only diet? What are you eating? you are young and still growing...a well balanced healthy diet with with a more active lifestyle is what you need...give us an example of a typical day and we will try to help
  • 2005/08/03, 10:35 PM
    Be very careful when losing weight to quickly. You run the risk of raising blood pressure, which greatly effect the kidneys. As the previous posts mentioned. Just do cardio and watch your caloric intake. Google search to find what a good healthy range is for a teenager. A few nice tips i found to raising th emetabolism (which burns calories) is drink a cup of water before a meal. Eat yogurt 3 times a week which in itself boosts metablism up to 20%. Get alot of sleep. Also taking vitamins won't hurt since your growing.

    OMG bandgirl get off the water diet, it's just gonna comeback with every drink you take. Better safe then sorry. Because that can kill.
  • 2005/08/24, 02:22 AM
    My son is 5 months old and I cannot seem to get off that baby weight. I'm getting married in 2 1/2 months and I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!
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