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Expired Creatine?
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  • 2002/12/11, 11:23 PM
    Please tell me if I'm if I'm overreacting here. I refuse to buy creatine (or any other supplements) that are past the expiration date on the bottle. I've gotten some pretty strong criticism in the past for passing on deals because of this, but I think it's a good policy to have. How much does freshness affect the effectiveness of creatine and other supplements?

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  • 2002/12/12, 09:49 PM
    I'm the same way, especially with protein and prohormones (when I take them). Over time, protein denatures. That basically means that it won't do the job its supposed to do after its expiration date. I'm not too sure about creatine, but I wouldn't take any chances.

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  • 2002/12/12, 09:53 PM
    ABSolutley, don't use it. Probably you wouldn't get sick, but it would not be effective once air hits it.
    Like any food products that expire, I dump them.

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  • 2003/02/06, 12:39 AM
    I disagree, I think it's bs. I'd love to hear what a chemist who doesn't cash checks from supplement companies would have to say about this.
  • 2003/02/06, 03:14 PM
    It's not BS. All chemical structures, from compounds to molecules to atoms themselves, have a finite life. Creatine is no exception. It has been determined by mutiple lab results that creatine, on the average, has a shelf life of 3-4 years before it begins to become unstable and break down into creatinine. Of course, many environmental variables can play into this, such as a dry climate vs a more humid one, but this is the average.

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  • 2003/02/07, 12:05 PM
    I honestly have no clue, but I'd be inclined to go with the expiration date. I wouldn't put anything else in my mouth (or anywhere else for that matter) that's past its expiration date, why should supplements be any different?

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  • 2003/02/11, 12:16 AM
    Right, but it's not like a product will turn too crap at the stroke of midnight of the expiration date. I know these companies want to make money, so I'm thinking I wouldn't throw something away because it expired...
  • 2003/02/11, 01:41 AM
    No, it doesn't have to degrade rapidly, as you put it. But it can turn to crap a 2 days before or week after. Like I said, these are averages, and some sort of time limit must be placed on these products in order to show relevancy. The same can be said for medications: a company places an expiration date on a compound to show funtion, as long as it is stored per accepted practice. When would you no longer used an aged product? At what time would you draw a line and say "I'm not going to use this now?"

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  • 2003/02/11, 04:37 PM
    Some products that have expiry dates (such as many liquids and pharmas) go bad as soon as they are exposed to air, upon opening after an expiry date. They might not make you sick, but will not be effective.

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  • 2003/02/11, 07:02 PM
    that is very true, just read exactly what the label says, if it is expired then what are you asking for? it's expired! (sorry I had to put that in there, it was getting to me)

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