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Whey Protein After Cardio?
  • 2004/02/19, 07:33 PM
    Hey guys, I am currently drinking a whey protein shake after my weight lifting sessions <Monday, Wednesday, and Friday>. Should I drink whey on the days that I do cardio <Tuesday, Thursday>? Thanks. (Someone recommended that I consider drinking MRPs on my off <cardio> days instead of a protein shake.)

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  • 2004/02/19, 07:43 PM
    I try to drink 3 shakes a day. especially after my work out. The whey is a good fast acting protein, for during the day use I mix it with milk to slow it's absorbtion. Good luck - Mike

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  • 2004/02/19, 07:43 PM
    Drinking whey protein after a cardio workout is ok. I always have and see no reason not to...on my off days I usually eat breakfast then do cardio and then right after cardio go upstairs and make me a protein shake.
  • 2004/02/19, 08:09 PM
    Thank you, Mike/goldengloves.

    Pain is weakness leaving the body.
  • 2004/02/19, 08:13 PM
    After any type physical activity, I have a whey shake. Before for some fuel an MRP may be a good idea, so you have some carbs to burn. I like to split one with my wife, so I have 1/2 an MRP before doing cardio if it is during the day.:big_smile:

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  • 2004/02/19, 09:13 PM
    MRP.. Meal Replacement P-uhh.. <<guessing>> sorry I'm a bit slow on the acronyms please??

    This is a question I was going to post as well re: Protein after Cardio vs. Resistance, thanks for the jump on it! :big_smile:

    Also, is a whey shake better than coming home and eating some tuna??

    :) Thanks for any answer in advance! :)

    : ] ~ Danielle

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  • 2004/02/19, 09:58 PM
    You can have both. The shake will get asimilated into your blood stream quicker (The tuna is a solid, takes longer) and then have your meal which might include your tuna. It's best to have the shake within 30 min after your workout.
    Hope this helps.

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  • 2004/02/19, 10:55 PM
    A "liquid meal" is always superior to a whole food meal post exercise, faster uptake, quick nutrient replenishment. Now, you should get in a whole food meal soon, because gastric emptying will occur rather quickly with the liquid meal in most cases, so it is smart to get a well balanced meal in soon after the supplemental one. For instance in the post workout shake scenario of dextrose/malto and protein, gastric emptying will occur rather quickly, so within an hour after your shake would be a good time to get in a good balanced meal.:big_smile: This meal should ideally be protein and fat laden, as insulin sensitivity is most probably very low at this time, and fats would do well to increase sensitivity again, plus the anabolic effect EFA's can have on protein synthesis at this time.

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  • 2004/02/20, 07:29 PM
    Should one also have protein shakes after workouts if they are trying to lose body fat? or is protein only for those looking to gain mass?

  • 2004/02/20, 07:46 PM
    Have your protein shake in both cases. Studies have proven that post workout nutrition will not inhibit burning of bodyfat. You will need to adjust your simple carb amounts as you cut calories, but always have your full allotment of protein. Without it, you will quite probably lose the best thing that is your fat burner, lean tissue, thus making it even more difficult to burn fat.

    If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything....
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