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upper body fat :(

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United States
2012/07/15, 03:19 PM
okay so ive been doing HIIT (high intesnsity interval training) treadmill i do 5 min warm up and the do 30/30 run/rest for 10 times and then 5 min cool down 4 times a week with 3 days off. ive seen impact on my stomach down significantly.

My question is how do i get rid of the fat in my upper body primarely the chest, i started doing bench press at 30 degrees to build up my upper chest. what else can i do to help me burn more fat/ tone my chest. need help asap im determined to be healthy and as a bonus look and feel good :) thank you to who ever advices.
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2012/07/16, 12:08 PM
You're doing it right, keep it up. For some people, fat lingers in some places longer than others. Adding muscle will make the furnace burn hotter and longer :)