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Lost Too Much Weight - Help Toning up
  • 2011/07/22, 07:16 PM
    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum today as I'm in need of fitness and nutrition advice. I'll try and keep everything as short as possible.

    I am currently 6ft and weigh 164 pounds. 2 years ago, I weighed 303.8 pounds... I was happy with my current figure/shape, diet etc until a family member pointed out that my "arms were thin for a man". Then it hit me, I have lost too much weight and I have lost muscle as a result of the dieting and am now worried I won't be able to get it back. I'm happy with my body except for my arms, they used to be quite large but now they're puny.

    At the moment, for 5 days a week I eat around 1500-1700 cals and for the other 2 days I eat what I want, so in excess of 2000 cals. I go to the gym on and off, but have started it up again and am in my third week, I tend to go 2-3 times a week but starting next week, I want to go 3-4 because I want to tone my body up and see some serious changes.

    Any advice on how many cals I should be eating (and what types of foods) and what frequency/type of workouts I should do to tone up my chest and arms would be greatly appreciated. I would like to see visible changes in a month, if that's even possible.

    If you could give me a few tips, or any tips from experience, that would be brilliant, I've been thinking about this all day and just want to do something about it

    Thanks in advance
  • 2011/07/22, 07:18 PM
    I forgot to mention, I'm 20 years old (if its relevant at all)
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